Monthly Website updates

Monthly Website Updates – We are excited to be adding a few new faces to the website business. Hopefully, we can continue this site up-to-date while continuing to offer website development, monthly website updates and online marketing services.

Blogging is an essential part of enhancing your online presence. If only there were more time in the day. While it does take the time to build a solid reputation and following online. Although, It is worth it to see results in the SERPs. We strive to get your site ranked and allow your business to come up in results when people need it.

We have found it is easiest to post updates on Social Media, so if you want the latest updates, please check out Cheri  on one of the social media forums (Facebook, G+, or LinkedIn)

It has been a very busy and productive few years with numerous website projects. The riding and sailing season will be ending in the next few months so we look forward to launching as many sites as possible in the meantime – Stay the course!! : ) – cheers!

Updated 2016 –

Wow, how the time flies, in looking through trying to get my website updated. website staff has been extremely busy doing monthly updates for numerous companies as well as designing new sites. Google and other search engines’ algorithms have been continually changing.  However, as fast as technology has grown in the last few years, there are some incredible new tools to utilize.

Security, Optimization, and Analytics for websites has been the highlight of 2015-16. Hundreds of Thousands of websites are being hacked daily so we are staying on top of the technology and hopefully remain ahead of the bugs.

If you need assistance with designing a new website, security, marketing plan, online directories, social media plans or monthly updating, contact us.

The team is professional and ready to assist in configuring tools to track performance, re-market opportunities, content management and more. We can help narrow your choices based on budget, resources, and environments. The team is very educated in the latest technology that will provide you with an efficient and attractive website. In addition to website development, we provide you with first-hand advice on how to effectively market your site. We can work with you to create blog content that carries forward your personal brand to your target audience. This may include creating a monthly content manager, ideas for blog posts, writing the posts themselves, showing you how to comment on other blogs to build awareness, and much more.

Monthly Website Updates

Monthly website updates to avoid disastersBrute Force attacks in the web world is still increasing at exponential rates.  We have been providing additional work in protecting all of our customers’ websites.  In a typical week, we see thousands of hacker attempts, invalid login attempts, XML-RPC, not_found=register? And numerous other issues and errors.

This was the year of being proactive with backups, security programs, malware scans, updates and more updates in plugins on WordPress sites for ensuring that Disaster Recovery is minimal with our managed websites. We have purchased ithemes security and wordfence to assist in protecting all of our WP websites and to stay ahead of the brute force attackers, spammers, and other harmful creatures. Service packages have been implemented to provide a monthly/yearly fee schedule.

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Holbrook Racing Engines

Holbrook Racing Engines Website[ Visit Website ]

Holbrook Racing Engines of Southeast Michigan specializes in engine design, machining & blueprinting, complete engine builds, engine testing, dyno services and more for all makes & models of engines. Chris Holbrook and his team offers decades of technical restoration and racing knowledge, complete race car engine builds, fabrication skill, dyno tuning, and more, all backed by numerous race awards and records. If you need some assistance with your classic restoration, marine engine or want top-of-the-line drag race, street race or road race engine experts, contact the pro’s!

Holbrook Racing Engines New Website Design

The 2015 website development of this site was fun – there are a lot of cool features like the top slider, online testimonials, products, videos, photos, vendors, sponsors & more!  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Shop Watson Racing

Watson Racing

Watson Racing specializes in Mustang Racing Parts. Watson Racing is a division of Watson Engineering, Inc. – A Manufacturer, Designer, and Builder of premium race car parts and vehicles. Watson is very proud to be an integral part of the Ford Racing Cobra Jet and Boss 302S builds. In addition to being a Shop Watson Racing – Ford Performance Racing Parts Distributor, Watson Racing is now featuring its own brand of authentic Watson Racing products. Stay Tuned for New 2015 S550 Mustang racing parts!

Shop Watson Racing – 855.Wat.Race

Watson Racing’s race shop and track support teams offer decades of technical racing knowledge and fabrication skill. Specifically, Watson Racing is experts with the Ford 2015 Mustang S550, Cobra Jet drag car, and Mustang Boss 302S race carWatson Racing also specializes in other performance vehicles as well.

For many years, Watson played a significant part in shaping Detroit’s racing history from behind the scenes. Watson is proud to offer its products, services, and expertise to the public. If you want a top of the line drag or road race car expert and need some assistance with your race vehicle, call Watson Racing today!

Watson Racing - Worlds fastest 2015 MustangWatson Racing offers a complete line of products and services – including:

  • Full race car builds
  • Body modifications
  • Vehicle lightening
  • Chassis modification
  • Custom suspension
  • Installation of aftermarket parts
  • Fabrication & development of parts
  • Roll cage design, fabrication & installation
  • Track prep & support for drag and road race
  • Race day and testing track support
  • Caged Mustang body in white sales-drag and road race
  • Dyno Tuning, chassis dynamometer testing and tuning services
  • Ford Racing | Edelbrock E-Force (& more) parts sales & installation
  • Watson Racing parts sales & installation

Watson Racing (WR) has a full-service custom chassis build center located just 2,000 feet north of the legendary “Detroit Drag-way” and can build you a race vehicle from scratch or upgrade your current road race, drag or street car. WR has completed its new building expansion within the first year to include an in-ground Dynojet chassis dynamometer that is custom built for a dyno cell including state-of-the-art computer equipment, air circulation, exhaust fans, looking glass area and more. This allows for expert race tuning and a way to show the results!

Make sure to check out the Shop Watson Racing site!

Custom Telecom

Custom Telecom offers a variety of services that range from helping to manage a data network, voice services, cloud storage, disaster recovery, audio conferencing and billing needs.
Loved the flashy technology & web design 
Custom Telecom - Website Design


  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies on all aspects.
  • Takes ownership of and handle all billing and contract issues.
  • Competitive rates, contracts, and billing managed effectively.
  • Superior Support for Services
  • Dedicated to negotiating for customers.

Custom Telecom aims to reduce costs and improve efficiencies on all aspects of your network. While the goal is simple, the process can be complicated and time-consuming. Through industry experience, long-term relationships with all the key telecommunication and data companies and dedication to negotiating for customers, they are SUCCESSFUL. Custom Telecom will identify your needs, arrange services and facilitate implementing your network. As well as hand-hold projects, so voice, data, cloud computing or conferencing gets installed efficiently and more. They also support service billing needs after implementation.

Custom Telecom strives to be a partner in your business, not just another vendor.

[ Website no longer active ]

Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Taylor Conservatory
[ Visit Website ]

The Taylor Conservatory Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Michigan, 2005. its’ mission is creating beautiful public spaces, promoting the arts and sciences, and preserving our natural environment.  TCF promotes positive community outcomes with its programs designed for a multitude of social, educational, and environmental needs.

Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens fulfills its’ mission by:

  • Inspiring people to enhance the quality of their surroundings through the cultivation and enjoyment of flora and the arts.
  • Educating children and adults with programs designed in a fun, interactive and informative way.
  • Providing a beautiful and hospitable setting for the delight and inspiration of the public.
  • Promoting food security through community-garden development and education.
  • Increasing public awareness of the fragility of our natural environment and providing information about ways to conserve and protect it.

The Taylor Conservatory website was redeveloped in 2014 – 2015 they decided to hire an outside contractor to develop new logo and marketing theme. Cheri worked with the Conservatory 2000-13 as a board member and supporter, designing a total of 3 websites. In 2014 they decided to hire numerous other companies and have yet to launch a new website – we wish them well.

Watson Racing

Watson Racing specializes in late model Mustang racing parts and custom drag or road race car builds for all makes and models. After quietly building race cars for decades, 2013 proved to be a ground-breaking year as Watson lifted the veil opening its race shop doors in Southeast Michigan to the world.

Watson Racing

Watson Racing is a full-service operation, offering its own line of authentically fabricated race parts.  Further, Watson Racing offers decades of technical racing knowledge, complete race car builds, fabrication skill, dyno tuning, and track support, all backed by numerous race awards and records. If you need some assistance with your race vehicle and want top-of-the-line drag race or road race car experts, call the professionals at Watson Racing!

Watson Racing – Engineered Performance

Watson provides day-to-day challenges that Cheri accepted as a full-time position in 2013. Cheri says ” I truly love working with the Watsons – I am blessed to have found a position in which I can do what I love and represent such wonderful people. Now the people I consider family, I get to work with in business. My experience with technology and Watson Engineering/Racing has grown immensely, when I started in the late 90’s all I could tell you is that Watson ‘Exceeded Expectations’ years later – I now am well versed in all aspects of day to day metal manufacturing and fabrication – the services, the specialties of engineering and vehicle modification, racing parts, dyno services & more!” “I simply LOVE my job and am honored with Watson Racing!”

Pias Ristorante Italiano

Pias Ristorante Italiano specializes in pizza, home-made pasta and hearty Italian dishes. All of our pasta, dressings and sauces are prepared on-site with the freshest and finest ingredients, it’s no wonder we are among downriver’s best-known restaurants. We offer a full bar, lounge, booths, tables and a great room for larger parties.

Pias Ristorante Italiano

Pia’s Ristorante Italiano / Pizzeria opened April of 1955 in Taylor Township. Pia’s was the first pizzeria in the community and continues to be located at the original location on Ecorse Road. Pia’s began as a carryout restaurant and over the last 50 years has expanded to the fine dining establishment that it is today.

Pias Ristorante Italiano

Pia’s is still family owned and operated. We take pride in the food we serve by buying only the best ingredients and serving this food to you as fresh as possible. We are the same family who has been here since 1955. manages the website, online marketing and social media for Pias Ristorante Italiano and has for many years. Pias has great food & atmosphere. If you have never visited and tried the amazing food at Pias – you should … they are always cooking!!

[ Visit Pias Ristorante Italiano Website ]

Rapid Recovery Service

Rapid Recovery Service – Fire, Water, Storm, & Mold Damage Repair

Rapid Recovery Service

The team has over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance restoration industry. The goal is to help property owners recover from disasters ranging from a house fire to water damage caused by floods. RRS team can also help provide assistance with water extraction from sump pump backups, storm damage as well as mold, lead and asbestos testing and removal.

Cheri has worked with Rapid Recovery Service for many years providing numerous services for their online marketing efforts.  All of the companies brochures, business cards, promotional material, social media, online presence, and websites were created and are maintained by

Check out Website

Watson Engineering

Watson Engineering, Inc. is a full-service sheet and tubular metal fabrication company, providing prototype and production parts. Watson’s core competencies are in manufacturing custom metal fab. solutions for a variety of industries. Watson specializes in CNC machined components, robotic welding, bent tubular products (tube bending), as well as sheet and plate metal bracketryCNC press brakepowder coatinglaser cuttingturret punchingstamping, and assemblies are also specialties.

Watson Engineering

Cheri has worked with Watson Engineering since the late 90’s, through the years we have developed over 5 websites.

The current web development was launched in 2013 when Cheri was offered in a full-time position. Cheri enjoys working with Watson Engineering – “It is an amazing opportunity and place to work. It seriously feels like co-workers have turned into a second family. There is nothing more important than working in a position, doing what you love, with people that are truly amazing!” Services provided are top of the line and it is truly an honor to work with the Watsons.”

[ Visit the website ]

Metro Harley Riders

Metro Harley Riders is not a motorcycle club nor group, simply lots of friends that like to ride and want a spot for riders from Allen Park to Wixom.   Metro Detroit area needed a spot for the ‘biker voice’ to be heard, here it is – enjoy!

Metro Harley Riders

Metro Harley Riders Website – FOR SALE!

This site’s purpose was simple, to have a site dedicated to riding. The Metro Harley Riders website was designed to display a news feed from social media, blogs, events calendar, photos, and a ride corner.  There are so many beautiful routes for Southeastern Michigan we hoped to compile an incredible listing of them all. There are many sites out there that already do this and time has got the best of us.

Unfortunately, due to lack of participation and time – we are looking to sell this site. The site is not updated and maintained as it should – and there are simply too many other things to do at this time. If you are interested in purchasing this website, we can update it with your photos, graphics and information – call today!

[Visit the website]