I vote & I ride!

I vote & I ride!

And it just keeps getting better all the time ~ Challenges 🙂

I vote - I ride "The Dragon" 2007In 2007, I not only rode the dragon but I also joined a HOG chapter. Shorty after joining, I was offered a board position and became an officer as the club’s Webmaster. I can tell you from the heart that the chapter has brought more to my life than I ever thought possible. It was more than a rocker – or three to me! It means an extended family, people to ride with and an assortment of friends that mean the world to me.

In 2011, I received an application for Road Captain and decided to challenge myself and give it a try. I am a more confident rider and aware of road hazards in a more complex way. As a road captain in 2012, I participated in numerous training events, including the slow skills and the Road Captain Challenge. My first ride at the skills challenge, I zeroed out, (perfect score), on the beginner course and, unfortunately, put a foot down at the end of the advanced round collecting a few points. I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous hours of practice the last few years and am very motivated with a new challenge in mind. Special Thanks to Styx, not only for being my training buddy but also for the videos I’d like to share – enjoy.  I look forward to a new year of riding, ride safe & far!

In 2013, the dealership decided to take over and eliminate all board members and road captains – it was heartbreaking but what happens when life throws you a curve??? “LEAN INTO IT AND RIDE IT OUT!”


So tired of Winter, want to get back on the bike

For that’s a feeling that I truly like
Can’t wait for the thaw and the first signs of spring
Riding my Harley is one of my favorite things
To be able to go to bike-week at Daytona Beach
This year I’m afraid it might be out of reach…
If you get to go may the days stay warm & dry
A full bike week I sure would like to try
But I’d settle for warm weather and ride any day
I just enjoy riding that’s all I can say…
Keep your fingers crossed that weather will break
So in just a few weeks or so a ride we can take


Why I ride – January 2010


cheri_skillsNot everyone enjoys the feeling of a bike
But for me, it’s something I truly like

For my passion for riding started a long time ago
It’s a feeling and expression that only riders know

When you sit in the seat and head out on the road
You leave troubles behind and get in riding mode

It doesn’t matter where the road may lead
For the feeling you get is just something you need

So if you’re ever asked to go for a ride
Don’t knock it if you’ve never tried

Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed
For the look and the feel THAT can be blamed

You can always count on one thing for sure
the wind is constant and the road endless!